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Finishes & Refinishing

Finishes & refinishing

Why get new floors, when we can make them new for a fraction of the cost?



During the sanding process, we remove the top layers of finish, grime, wear, and defects from your floor, exposing a fresh, healthy layer of hardwood.



Once the fresh layer of hardwood is exposed, we can either stain your floor or apply a clear coat. A clear coat will bring out the natural, woody features of your floor, while staining allows you to alter the feel of the floors to whatever you'd like!



Finishing is where the real magic happens. Once we apply custom finishing features, we can UV-Cure your floors in less than a day! Great for business owners and busy homes alike. 
finishes & refinishing

Custom Finishing Techniques

Hand-scraped floors are characterized by distinct marks and groves throughout the planks. These are definitely a great choice for older or historic homes. 
An accidental texture, skip-sawn floors are now an intentional and bold statement in any home or business, giving a nod to the past. 
Distressed hardwood is one way to capture the look of an antique floor without doing it yourself. Thankfully, we do it for you!
Using actual fire, we have the ability to make your floors look as though they came from the industrial age by providing a burnt look and texture. 
By scraping the floors with a hard-bristled wire brush, we can open up all the grain in your hardwood, leaving you with gently weathered and rustic floors.
Raised & Worn Pegs
A style of flooring characterized by wooden pegs installed at the end of each plank. Catch a little bit of that old world flair!
Hand-Edged Treatment
Make your boards pop with this finishing technique! We scrape the edges of each individual plank to give them just a little bit of that aged feeling. 
Color Washing
This technique adds color to your floors, without sacrificing the visual interest of the hardwood's texture. 
finishes & refinishing

Choose Your Coating

ProCoat: Oil-Based

ProCoat: Water-Based


UV-Curing Technology

Choosing your Finish

When deciding on a finish for your floors, it is important to know which one best fits the home you're in. Understanding how each finish interacts with your hardwood is the first step!

ProCoat: Oil-Based

Provides a warm, amber tone to your floor, giving you a rich color that gets even prettier with age.

ProCoat: Water-Based

A clear coat that maintains your hardwood's natural color, while highlighting it's grain and character. 


The impenetrable seal that keeps oxygen, air, and water from oxidizing, degrading, or ruining your floors. This is added after your finish.

UV-Curing Technology

Whether you are running a business or updating your home, you can get your floors cured within the day of finishing with the power of UV-Curing!

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What they Say About Us


  • Carolyn Hamilton

    Reno Resident
    "Floorcraft is professional, communicative, timely, friendly, and delivers an impeccable product. From the first call to Floorcraft to the moment we floated across our impressive new flooring, we have been thoroughly impressed by Dimitri, his staff and his product.  Bravo to Floorcraft for being a business with such integrity." 

    Colin Pears

    Reno Contractor
    "We at Colin Pears Construction  have worked with many different flooring contractors in the past, and we have settled on Floorcraft for the simple fact that they are very knowledgeable in their trade, do excellent work, and meet schedule. Floorcraft stands by their work and are very easy to work with."
  • Joe McGinity

    Tahoe Resident
    "I was introduced to Floorcraft by my listing agent for the rejuvenation of old growth pine flooring in my commercial building. They did the work on time and were respectful, timely and responsible. When a natural flaw was noticed after completion, Floorcraft immediately scheduled a return and repaired the issue. I find Customer Service a rarity with most companies in today's market, but NOT Floorcraft! A very refreshing experience working with this company."

    Brooklyn Joiner

    Reno Resident
    "We recently had our floors resealed by Floorcraft.  We were extremely happy with their services.  I had received quotes from multiple companies and Dimitri was the only person who didn't come off as a "sales person".  He was honest and even recommended other companies in the business. After the project was done, we noticed a tiny spot that needed to be touched up and they came out within a few hours to fix it. We look forward to using them again for some other wood flooring projects.  Stop your search and use floorcraft."