Frequently Asked 

How long is the installation process, from estimate to finish?
The time frame for your project depends on the size of the project, and what it entails. On average, a project can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.
Do we work with tile?
No, we work solely with natural and engineered hardwood.
What is UV-curing, and why is it special?
UV-curing is a process that is unique to Floorcraft in all of Northern Nevada and Northern California, and one that we proudly provide. By exposing your floor to intense UV light, we can cure the floor instantly while maintaining the full integrity of your finish. In addition, you are able to move back into your home or business immediately, making this is the most efficient curing process to date.
How much will it cost me to get an estimate?
Estimates are completely free; simply give us a call and we can get you on the schedule!
How long will it take me to get a proposal following an estimate?
A proposal typically takes 3-4 days following the estimate to prepare and send out.
What is the difference between Prefinished and Sand & Finished floors?
A prefinished floor comes already finished by the manufacturer. When we sand & finish, we provide the customer with a more customizable experience, and allow them to decide how they would like their floors finished.
Does having hardwood floors affect the value of my home?
Yes! Hardwood floors not only increase the base value of your home, they add an elegant charm and level of warmth that will last you a lifetime.
Does Floorcraft provide a warranty on their flooring?
Yes, we provide a 1-year installation warranty on natural and engineered hardwoods.
What is your acclimation process for the hardwood, and how long does it typically take?
In order to acclimate the wood to your home, we allow the wood planks to sit in your home for a minimum of 2 weeks before we begin installation. This reduces the risk of the floors warping or becoming misshapen over time due to too much/too little moisture.
Does Floorcraft do baseboards?
Yes, as they are removed when hardwood flooring is installed. We can either reinstall your old baseboards or install new ones, depending on their condition. Typically, when there is a white paint grade on the baseboard, we prefer to install new baseboards to keep them looking clean with your new floors.
What is the difference between a Flush vent and Mount vent?
A mount vent has a lip on it protruding from the ground, while a flush vent is more customizable, and sits flush with your hardwood.
What makes Floorcraft unique?
loorcraft has been in the business of installing hardwood floors for over 36 years, passed down through 3 generations of family. In all this time, we have done nothing but perfect our craft, and bring it to life in your own home. With us, your floors are completely customizable, and will be installed at top quality. We also offer services that are exclusive only to us, such as our UV-curing process.
What is the difference between natural hardwood and engineered hardwood?
Engineered hardwood is essentially a thin layer of hardwood(veneer) bonded to a layer of plywood, giving the floor more stability. It looks very similar to natural hardwood floors and lasts anywhere from 25-30 years. Due to how thin the wood is, one disadvantage to engineered hardwood is the fact that it can only be re-sanded once or twice, as opposed to natural hardwood which can be sanded and refinished multiple times. This means that engineered floors only have a fraction of the lifespan that natural hardwood floors have. It also typically comes prefinished with less variety of wood and color, so it is less customizable. On the contrary, it is a bit cheaper than natural hardwood, and fares better in humid environments due to its plywood construction.
Will I be able to see a sample of what my floor will look like before I make any decisions?
Absolutely! We provide customers with a customized sample(s) at their request. We can provide these on any type of wood, with whatever finishes the customer is considering putting on their floors. We are able to provide larger samples as well.

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What they Say About Us


  • Carolyn Hamilton

    Reno Resident
    "Floorcraft is professional, communicative, timely, friendly, and delivers an impeccable product. From the first call to Floorcraft to the moment we floated across our impressive new flooring, we have been thoroughly impressed by Dimitri, his staff and his product.  Bravo to Floorcraft for being a business with such integrity." 

    Colin Pears

    Reno Contractor
    "We at Colin Pears Construction  have worked with many different flooring contractors in the past, and we have settled on Floorcraft for the simple fact that they are very knowledgeable in their trade, do excellent work, and meet schedule. Floorcraft stands by their work and are very easy to work with."
  • Joe McGinity

    Tahoe Resident
    "I was introduced to Floorcraft by my listing agent for the rejuvenation of old growth pine flooring in my commercial building. They did the work on time and were respectful, timely and responsible. When a natural flaw was noticed after completion, Floorcraft immediately scheduled a return and repaired the issue. I find Customer Service a rarity with most companies in today's market, but NOT Floorcraft! A very refreshing experience working with this company."

    Brooklyn Joiner

    Reno Resident
    "We recently had our floors resealed by Floorcraft.  We were extremely happy with their services.  I had received quotes from multiple companies and Dimitri was the only person who didn't come off as a "sales person".  He was honest and even recommended other companies in the business. After the project was done, we noticed a tiny spot that needed to be touched up and they came out within a few hours to fix it. We look forward to using them again for some other wood flooring projects.  Stop your search and use floorcraft."