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Hickory is In!

Hardwood floors are the building blocks of interior design. They set the overall feel of the room by adding warmth, raising texture, and defining style. Wood types usually fit into a specific “style box,” but hickory hardwood smashes the box. Hickory’s majestic, swirly grains dictate fashion! Want a modern look? Voila! Hickory turns mod into utra-mod. Yearn for rustic charm? Bam! Hickory transforms rustic into chalet chic. Nostalgic for the traditional? Huzzah! Hickory’s happy days are here again. Hickory is the go-to chameleon of flooring design.

Color me Happy!

Why just sand and finish when you can add eye-catching color to your floor? It’s not just walnut, fruitwood, and chestnut anymore. We are loving the custom combinations of colors and gray tones.

Walk the Plank!

When it comes to hardwood planks, size matters. Wider planks have a grand appearance that provide a large living space with elegance and flair. No more of the choppy look of thin planks. Wide planks seem to flow from one to the other with a natural ease. The longer sections of the logs really expose their rich grains and deep features. Make your mark and display more of your style in a grand way with a wide plank.

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